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350 West 2500 North
Logan UT 84341

Phone: (435) 752-1987
Fax: (435) 752-1948
Website: engineeringexcitement.com

S&S Worldwide, Inc., is the world’s leading manufacturer of vertical and family thrill rides. In 1994, S&S introduced to the amusement industry the innovative, air-powered Space Shot tower ride followed by the Turbo Drop and Frog Hopper children’s ride in 1996. The world’s first air-launched coaster was introduced in 1999, pushing the thrill envelope even further with its incredible air-launched coaster experience to over 100 mph (160 kph).

In 2002, S&S acquired Arrow Dynamics, a lead innovator in the design of tubular steel coasters, and added the expertise of several leading industry engineers to the S&S team. S&S has continued its innovation and success with the Screamin’ Swing, as well as additional exciting coaster products, including the 4th Dimension, Free Fly and El Loco.

As the largest amusement ride manufacturer in the United States, S&S has installed over 150 tower rides, 50 family thrill rides and over 200 children’s rides and several coasters spanning the globe in 29 countries.

In November of 2012, Sansei Yusoki, Co., Ltd., increased their initial investment in S&S Worldwide to acquire controlling interest in the company. Established in 1951, in Osaka, Japan, Sansei Yusoki, Co., Ltd., has been successfully bringing smiles and excitement to riders by creating safe, comfortable and entertaining ride experiences through the design, manufacture, installation and repair/maintenance of amusement rides, stage equipment, elevators and other specifically designed equipment. Using their professional engineering, ISO-type quality standards and highly technical capabilities, Sansei Yusoki has developed and manufactured innovative and exciting amusement rides, including several children and family coasters, flume rides, dark rides, as well as many carousel type rides.

S&S – Sansei Technologies is dedicated to offering all clients outstanding commitment, quality and flexibility, as well as providing world-class customer support. All products meet and exceed ASTM, F-24 standards for safety, and where applicable, all local codes such as the Japanese Standards, TUV (Europe) and CSEI (China) safety certifications. S&S-Sansei remains dedicated to supplying safe, top-quality rides with exceptional ride experiences to amusement parks, family fun centers and destination attractions and their respective patrons.


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