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4352 East Pleasant Valley Blvd.
P.O. Box 335
Tipton PA 16684

Phone: (814) 684-3538
Fax: (814) 684-9820
Alt. / Toll Free: (866) 684-3538
Website: www.mydelgrossopark.com
Email: parkinfo@delgrossos.com

DelGrosso's Amusement Park The Life Moments You Want to Capture Happen Here! Spend Your Summer Days Making Memories with Us! The Home of the Hot Rides & Cool Slides offers more than 30 Rides & Attractions including the Tipton Waterworks and Tipton Rapids Water Park, the Kid’s Kingdom ride area, Midway Rides, Games, Gift Shop, and “DelGrosso’s Famous Amusement Park Food”.

With Free Parking and Free Admission into the Ride Park, you can spend the day enjoying "The Best Amusement Park Food" in a Safe, Clean and Affordable Family Friendly Place of Fun. For a complete summer event schedule and more, check out our website www.mydelgrossopark.com, LIKE US on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter!

2015 & 2016:

New Ride Coming to the Park in 2015 – The Rock Star Park guests will get to enjoy a new ride in the park. The Rock Star will be placed in the park beside the “La Famiglia Gift Shop”. Offering a new thrill element, the half-million dollar ‘Rock Star’ will join the park’s other 30 rides and attractions.

Water Park Expansion Project Set to Open in 2016

A new wave pool and lazy river will be added to the current Tipton Waterworks and Rapids Water Park.

The entire water park will get a new name and theme. “Laguna Splash” will be an Italian themed water park. In addition to the new wave pool and lazy river, guests will enjoy various Italian themed water features like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, tipping buckets and vases, and various other interactive water features.

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Rides and Attractions

Generations of families from across Pennsylvania have special memories of DelGrosso’s Amusement Park. Since its beginnings around the turn of the century, the Park has been a source of family entertainment. The Rinard brothers first entertained the public on the Bland Family farm in 1907 when they brought their carnival to Tipton. Twelve years later, Fred Bland opened the park, which consisted of a small dance floor and a picnic grove.

The Roaring 20’s were prosperous in Tipton. Many of the crowds who came to the Altoona-Tipton Speedway, located just up the road, also visited the Park. In 1928 the Bland Family sold the park to George Rinard, who brought in more rides. He also added a bowling alley and a roller skating rink. Then, the nation and the Park suffered a difficult period during the Great Depression.

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