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  • S&S Opens New Manufacturing and Administrative Facility
    As a result of tremendous and successful growth, S&S Worldwide, Inc. is pleased to announce the completion and opening of our new manufacturing and administrative facility in Logan, Utah.
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    S&S Worldwide to Build and Install Air Launch Coaster
    S&S Worldwide, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will build and install an Air Launch Coaster for Changsha Window of the World.
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Who We Are


The was formed in the early 1930's by a group of amusement park owners and managers. It's goals were and are to promote the industry by gathering and disseminating information, secure the interchange of knowledge among members relating to better management and methods of doing business, upholding a good public image, and by united action exert influence upon legislation to promote the best interest of our industry.

Our annual spring membership meeting offers an opportunity to meet and discuss common problems and challenges and to hear speakers on topics of vital interest to all members. In addition, a summer meeting at a member facility affords a chance to meet fellow members in a relaxed setting.


  • To maintain a high standard of integrity and efficiency.
  • Foster and promote a feeling of fraternity and goodwill among its members.
  • Promote harmonious relations with allied industries.
  • Assist in the enactment and enforcement of Local, State, and Federal legislation of benefit to the public and industry.
  • Protect against legislation that may harass our industry.
  • Assist and advise members of any condition that may arise in Business difficulties.